Sunday, October 30, 2011

A poem by Tigerose for Halloween

One cold and windy night
Feeling the homeless blight
A human came into my sight.

A tall black hat upon her head
I felt not an ounce of dread
As she took me out of my meager bed.

You are my own, my only one
Together we shall have such fun!
We will not ride into the Sun,
But to greet the shadows afore we are done!

So perch thee upon the stick
Mind the straw, for it can prick

Today we go about the town
None shall see,
None shall frown

It is our task, our duty fine
To keep our troth, it is a sign

When they shall see a shadow upon the moon
Not to sigh, not to swoon.

But know them well, that here we be
To keep safe all that we can see!

I spake unto the witch so rare
I am thy servant, true and fair.

tigerose 10/29/11

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


We have a lot of cats and kittens who are in need of a forever home.

I'm always getting inquires about kittens, the biggest problem seems to be the age of the kittens. Most people want a tiny kitten, around 8 weeks old.  Once the kittens reach 4 months old, then they're overlooked and wind up staying here for a long time, unwanted. Not that there's anything wrong with the older kittens, they're just too old.

When kittens arrive here, they're often sick from something. They'll have worms, upper respiratory infections, fleas, you name it. Before they're adoptable they have to go to the vet for a check up, have a test for feline leukemia/FIV/heartworm. They need shots, and if old enough, they have to be spayed/neutered. This all takes time.  I never get kittens who've already been to the vet and healthy enough for immediate adoption.

The only time I have kittens who can be adopted at 8 weeks old is when they're born here. Even then, I prefer not to adopt them out that young. The best age to adopt kittens is at 12 weeks, not 8 weeks. They really need a few extra weeks with their littermates to become better socialized.

Someone recently asked about adopting one of the kittens that I have who's 6 months old. Once the potential adopter found out the age of the kitten, she changed her mind. She said she had to have a kitten under 4 months old so it could grow up with her 10 month old daughter. I don't understand how that works. A kitten grows quickly, human babies do not. A well cared for indoor cat can live to be 20+ years old. So it shouldn't matter if a person with a young baby adopts a kitten or adult cat, they can both grow up with the human children.

Adult cats are much better for small children anyway!

Yes, kittens are cute and adorable. But the cute and adorable stage is so short lived. Then they grow up to be beautiful adult cats. I have a house full of beautiful, well behaved adult cats that have been here a long time waiting for someone to adopt them. They were all  kittens once, then thrown away like trash when they were no longer cute and adorable. Rescues and shelters all over the US are packed full of wonderful adult cats who need homes. Millions are euthanized each year because nobody wants them. They were all kittens once too.

Please consider adopting an older kitten or adult cat. They're better behaved, already have shots, healthy, spayed/neutered, and move in ready.
Time to update this I suppose.... I spend most of my day picking up after the cats, have little time to sit and update a blog!!

The building we had hoped to buy fell through. My funding source backed out at the last minute, after the offer was accepted. Not a good way to do business. I had a suspicion it wouldn't work out. Oh well, better luck next time.

We bought a small lot and looking into buying another building. But since our mayor doesn't like cats, he feels he has the power to prevent us from having an adoption center in town. He already told me I can apply for a variance but getting it depends on if the village board members like cats or not. If we can't use the lot for our rescue, it's going to be a great place to put a bunch of toilets! At least that's legal to do around here. We'll wait and see how far we get through the winter with fighting for the opportunity to have an adoption center in town. If not, then we'll wait until there's a new mayor. From what I hear, the local residents aren't very happy with him anyway.