Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall adoptions

Now that it's fall, adoptions are starting to pick up again. Summertime is usually a slow time for adoptions. People are busy in the summer, going on vacations, children are shuffled between parents and grandparents, just not enough time to consider adopting a new cat.
Another reason is that in the summer there is an over abundance of kittens. Every spring thousands of unwanted kittens are born around here. Every day the paper is loaded with ads for free kittens. The shelters and other rescues are packed to the rafters with kittens. There are just too many out there to choose from. All the youngest kittens are usually offered for free in the paper, that lowers the odds that someone will adopt from a rescue or shelter that asks for an adoption fee.
When kitten season is over and the youngest kittens are taken, we start getting calls from people who couldn't find homes for their free kittens. That's the time we start filling up with older kittens and momma cats that nobody wants. Many of them are sick, starved, crawling with fleas, worms and who knows what. We take them in, clean them up and start looking for homes.
In the fall, we have a large assortment of great older kittens and young adults ready for their new homes. After being here a while, the kittens are used to being held and played with and much more cuddly than when they are young. They're friendly, happy, and very affectionate. This is the best time to find a new cat or kitten.

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